Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Have you considered the four major cost factors of a system failure:

A Disaster Recovery (DR) plan in essence is a contingency plan for when unforeseen catastrophes are cast upon your business. It is not just data loss you need to be concerned with, but also hardware loss and replacement costs, and the downtime your business and staff will experience.

A company’s entire history of communications, business dealings, accounts and financials, and often products are stored within the IT system. Without this information, many companies may be unable to operate.

IntegrateIT Australia have proficient experience in enhancing backup strategies to ensure an effective disaster recovery plan is in place, that entire systems can be recovered and that the business can continue thereafter.

We can work with your company to design an entire disaster recovery and business continuity virtual IT infrastructure to restore your business systems and continue your business operations within a timeframe between 15minutes to 8hours (depending on business requirements).

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