Cloud Solutions

Think the power of cloud computing is out of reach for your business? Think again. No matter what the size of your organization, CLOUD solutions from IntegrateIT Australia allow you to enjoy the benefits of dependable cloud solutions in order to increase efficiency and free up company resources – all for a price that fits your business and your budget. By combining online versions of the most powerful business tools from Microsoft, you can cost-effectively enhance communications and inspire collaboration within your office.

Public Cloud:

Outsourced public cloud services are services that are hosted out on the internet for companies. These include SaaS (Software as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) solutions. These services are pay-as-you-go for what you are currently using at the time. This means that the initial outlay for a new business is lower and is an ongoing subscription-based billing. SaaS can quickly increase and decrease in size and costs depending on the demand at the time.

Private Cloud:

The Public Cloud doesn’t always suit all business types as there are always different considerations and concerns with outsourcing and uploading your data online. IntegrateIT Australia also provides Private cloud backup Brisbane solutions provide the same benefits however they are implemented using onsite based hardware. This allows for applications to be published and users able to access the data and LoB (Line of Business) applications whenever and where ever they want. This can be used on laptops, PC’s, smartphones, iPads and tablets.

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