Mobile friendly tip

You should utilize responsive design for your site’s pages to make them mobile-friendly. If you use a ready-made template, check if it has a mobile version. If you are not savvy in Web development, you’d better get help from an experienced webmaster or developer. Please, see the results fetched by Google here.


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Google Mobile Friendly

According to Google, the mobile-friendly algorithm affects mobile searches in all languages worldwide and has a significant impact on Google rankings. This algorithm works on a page-by-page basis – it is not about how mobile-friendly your pages are, it is simply are you mobile-friendly or not. The algo is based on such criteria as small font sizes, tap targets/links, readable content, your viewpoint, etc.


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Warning – ‘Cryptolocker has been targeting Australia”

We have received an email from Trend Micro and their Threat Research Team this morning with information that Cryptolocker has been targeting Australia with a new variant disguised as the ‘Australian Federal Police’ –

SUBJECT IN EMAIL: Traffic infringement notice ref. No #####

Please be very cautious if you receive an email like this. If you are unsure, you can either give us a call or please just delete it. This virus will encrypt all of your data on your machine and your network drives if executed and will hold your data to ransom.

Backups are also very important to protect your business data if the unthinkable does occur and a virus does infect your business network

If you are unsure about your AntiVirus / AntiSpam solution or if your Backup Solution is working correctly, please give us a call on 1300 79 69 33 or email us on support@ and we would be happy to assist you.

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